Good habits during pregnancy


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Listenng to music, reading, relaxation, simple exercises and sleeping are excellent for a beautiful and happy pregnancy!


Despite any difficulties in pregnancy, pregnancy remains the most sacred phase in the woman's life, as she will soon hold her baby in her arms! In this transition period, therefore, it is important to try to thank ourselves (maybe even to spoil it a bit!), Enjoying more liberty some "forbidden exaggerations", such as ... prolonged morning buzzard in bed or even a sweet ! A second basic "rule" for better pregnancy is positive mental mood. It has been shown that good psychology brings to the mother harmonic emotions, which also receive the infant. How can you make your life more interesting and enjoyable during pregnancy? Below are suggested some practical solutions that stimulate psychology and the body, while benefiting both you and your fetus!



What more relaxing and creative than a good book? It has been shown that reading quality texts, in addition to broadening our knowledge, fosters the ability to concentrate, while encouraging logical development of thought as well as internal balance. So let go of the magic of a nice novel and let it travel you to its worlds. So you will offer yourself a unique time of relaxation and spiritual well-being while creating a harmonious environment for your baby.


Healthy spirit requires a healthy body. After consulting your doctor for further details, choose a gentle exercise, which is above all pleasant and not laborious, such as yoga, pilates or bathing. Already from the first time you will feel an unprecedented wellness and relaxation, since all three types of exercise are based on proper diaphragmatic breathing, leading to maximum oxygenation of the brain and spiritual clarity. Besides, do not forget that the right way of breathing is very basic and at the time of the maternity hospital!

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The beneficial effect of music is that melodic sound sends positive signals to the brain, creating feelings of euphoria and serenity. So be sure to accompany your everyday life with loving music, of any kind, that cultivates you with a pleasant mood and optimistic thinking. Prefer calm, sensual melodies that inspire love for life. Besides, you can also find music collections specifically for pregnant women in the market. A good idea is also to start - why not? - Music lessons at some conservatory or at home, acquiring an experiential relationship with sound, which of course also implies the joy of creation. The music cultivates your baby's senses as it gives stimuli, e.g. through the rhythm, which is the first contact of the infant with the sound and in this way he achieves the best communication of the child with the outside world.


Get enough sleep!

It is the right opportunity to gey as much sleep as you can! Limit as much as possible your obligations and relax without stress, since sleep is a cure for both the body and the soul. You do not have to take care of it all now, as your relaxation is important. Besides, the arrival of your child pretends many nights, so enjoy your bed now that you can!


Relive a honeymoon!

Concluding, do not forget that the period of pregnancy is just as important for your relationship with your partner. This is the most basic stage in the transition to your common life, since you are preparing to receive another member in your family, with the precondition of having love and good understanding among you. Take advantage of your free time together, go out or call friends at home, make short breaks. It is important to devote time to each other since, with the arrival of your little one, your time will be quite limited, especially in the early days.

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