10 Fathers' questions


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Every new dad has questions and worries about the baby he is going to have or the baby he already has! What are the first questions on the lips of all dads?




Dads often have more questions for kids than moms, only they rarely express them easily. We give them a little help and with the help of the experts we approach the "male" side of things by solving questions of dads everywhere!


How will my partner's body change?

Dads often feel awe and embarrassment at the way a woman's body changes during pregnancy as well as in childbirth and breastfeeding. This awe often inactivates dads, as they believe that they cannot feel in the same way as the woman, the miracle of the new life, since they are not subject to physical changes, like the woman. The physical changes that a father must expect in his partner's body are of course the bloated belly, the breast that grows and becomes tighter, as well as the pelvis that opens for mom and baby to cope with childbirth.

When will the baby recognize me?

The baby is already recognizing you in terms of voice, already from the time he was in the womb. Visual recognition for you, his dad, will be a little late, as babies don't have the best vision when they are born! Once your baby is 6 months old, he will be able to recognize you visually. Until then, dear Dad, your voice and your touch will be your identity!

Who does mom love the most?

The main question and hidden jealousy of dads is that their partner loves the baby more than them. As much as they are happy and awe-inspiring in front of the baby, after a while the dads become babies themselves trying to win back mom's love! Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. By actively engaging with the baby and later with the child, you will help the mother save time for you as well!

Will I ever sleep again?

Our pediatrician has good news for you! Yes, you will finally fall asleep again as a human being, without night cries and nights out! You need to be a little patient and of course help your partner with the baby by taking turns alternating between feeding, changing and related. After all, you are now a dad!

What will happen the first time I am alone with the baby?

Your nervousness will definitely turn red, but you have to release your mom, even for two hours, from the routine so that she can catch her breath, our obstetrician-gynecologist suggests. Things are simple: as a dad, stick to your baby's meal schedule, change his diaper, hug him and bond with him!

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When should I call the doctor?

You do not need to consult with yourself to decide whether to call your pediatrician. As our pediatrician Marios Andreou explains, if the child does not eat, has a fever, is nervous, changes the way he breathes, vomits for a long time or has diarrhea, cries more than normal, it's time to enter the doctor's magic number. you, who need to always have a clear spot. Also, remember that you can call your doctor whenever in doubt. His role is to reassure you and explain what you need to do. Dads, so don't hesitate to listen to your paternal instinct. It is just as powerful as the motherboard!

Isn't the child a woman's affair?

Is there any scientific research to prove it? Our psychologist explains that stereotypes about women's and men's responsibilities are still strong; in practice, however, you will not have a functional family if you do not actively deal with it! Engaging will give you great satisfaction, while you will find that you can offer him a solid foundation for his emotional maturation.

Can I bond the same with my daughter as with my son?

There is no such thing as a "binding measure" that says dad can't tie in just as much, whether the child is a boy or a girl. A child needs both parents, regardless of their gender, according to our psychologist.

Will my own childhood affect my child's upbringing?

As Hara Papasaranti explains, when we become parents, we all carry our personal history. According to research, there is a great similarity between how parents grew up as children and how they raise their own child. If, for example, your dad was distant, you may consider him a good role model and reproduce him. However, it is up to you to find them with yourself, to accept your past and if it was "bad" to leave it behind, making a radical change and a new beginning! Besides, the role of Dad has been modernized!

How can I bond with my child?

Dads just love your child! Embrace it, sleep it, talk to it, visit it, that is, do as much as mom, in your own way! Bonding is a process that you acquire day by day, as long as you are busy. So you need to understand that tying dad to his child is a time-consuming process depending on how much Dad is willing to take part in raising his child. Spend time with your child every day and you will see life. to change you!


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