10 reasons we love moms!


mom and baby

Mom is a sacred, well-sung and most beloved person for each of us. The reasons that make it special certainly do not fit in a few pages article! We singled out the top 10 reasons we love moms so much!



1. Mom is a hero!

She has dedicated her life to helping her children. Whether he works or not, he has the responsibility to always have us ironed, clean, fed and generally happy. He is the man who, no matter what happens, is always by the side of the child, he spends the night with his illnesses, to read it, when he is disappointed but also when he is happy. Its purpose is to give as much as it can, without compensation and often without even complaining. She endures all adversity just for the sake of her child's smile. For all these reasons they are modern heroines!



2. Every Mom is unique

That's why we love them all! The mother of each of us is the person whose opinion counts more than any other. He is our closest friend. He knows our flaws and strengths. But she is unique not only because every child is unique but also because every mother invents her own special ways of doing everything, from making a juvette to extracting from her child what concerns her. Every mom has her own temperament, her own way of thinking and reacting, her own way of approaching things, but all moms have one thing in common: above all they are the mothers of their children!



3. The biggest love of all is mother's love

Without exaggeration, the way a mother loves her child is unique and often incomprehensible. How many times do we not hear of a mother's supreme sacrifice, such as donating her kidney to save her child? What is the motivation? But of course the mother's unrequited, selfless and inexhaustible love. Starting from the womb, the mother develops a unique bond with her child that cannot be easily broken. After all, the mother of each of us accepted for 9 months to change her body and she was in pain to be born!



4. Mom is always besides us

Whatever happens, our mother is always there. With planes, trains and ships, mom is always by our side, ready for anything. A typical example is student life! How many times when the child is studying in another city does the mother not run to cook, wash and clean so that her child is dedicated to the lessons? How many moms didn't give up on their dreams or careers because their children needed them? And how many mothers who, due to some misfortune, found themselves without a partner, refused to rebuild their lives in order to give their child wholeheartedly and not feel the absence of the father?



5. Only Mom can understand us

Even for the world's greatest scientist, his mother is the only person who will understand him. It will not solve his mathematical theories, nor will it help him with the laws of the universe, but he may know when he is not well and when he is not, when he is happy and when he is not. Above all, he can understand his needs and peculiarities more than anyone.



6. Mom always finds the way!

With their own "magic" tricks moms can do anything. Even when something seems impossible, mom knows what to do to make it happen. When the child falls and hits the mom, she just kisses him and everything passes! Or when the child is getting ready for the school holiday, wearing his plump suit and accidentally tearing it, the mom always has a needle and thread hidden somewhere, fixes it and saves the situation. Finally, when the teenage daughter wants to go on a trip and dad doesn't give permission, she turns to her mom, who with a little good will bends the resistance of her difficult father! But even in greater difficulties, mom is the one who assures us that what does not kill us makes us stronger!



7. Mom is our biggest supporter

From the infant's first steps to his first job, the mother is the "pillar" that supports him in whatever he does. She may sometimes object, but if this is what her child wants, she rarely refuses to help him make his dreams come true.



8. Mom organizes the best celebrations!

Christmas, Easter, birthday without mom's signature are not meant! Mom is the one who makes sure everything is perfect and always taken care of. The food is rich and hot, the table is set with the best tablecloth, the decoration is ideal. He gets tired, doesn't enjoy the holidays, spends the night or wakes up very early in the morning to get everything ready. And of course everyone praises her cooking but also her hospitable feelings. After all, our best memories are from mom's food, Christmas and at every celebration the gatherings in our house, always with her care!



9. Mom spoils us!

Just a bit more money, a little more food, a few more caresses and hugs A mother always wants to offer something more to her child. That makes her feeling that almost noithig is being missed from it.


10. Mom is always Mom!

What does this mean; No matter how old the child is, mother always treats it as if she were her little baby who needs protection and care. Sometimes it can be too much, but who can blame her for her love for her child? 

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