2-days diet!


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How to take care of your silhouette by dieting 2 days a week.
A new diet breaks down in Hollywood, promising that only with a 2 day diet each week can someone lose their weight and maintain their silhouette!
Sounds good you will say! K. Harrison, a columnist and author of self-help books, argues that a person can eat freely for five days a week & diet for two days.
During these two days you should certainly limit the calories you consume and keep them below the 500 calorie limit per day.
This means light food.
"5: 2" or intermittent fasting, as it is called, is the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight.
The book has recently been released in Greek entitled "The Two Day Diet".
This diet offers flexibility, as anyone can "bring it to their feet" by defining what to eat.
This diet promises to help you:
  • to be slimmer
  • get more energy
  • regulate your metabolism right from the start
  • rejuvenate your cells
Should you try it too?
Source: iefimerida.gr
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