7 words that change childrens behavior


three siblings

..and make our families happy!

All parents want the happiness and joy of their children.
But stress, fatigue and the struggle for everyday's life, distract us and take us away from our goal. What we parents want is the health and happiness of our children and what our children seek is the joy of our company and the assurance that what they do, want or want us ... likes!
Is something as simple as the phrase "I like it" but it is possible to change or improve the behavior of our children and "calm them down"? And if the children feel more relaxed, will we, the parents, also relax towards them? ‘Should we parents relax first and then automatically this will be seen in our behavior and therefore in the behavior of the children? Probably the second!
Start praising your children today, not for their great work at school or in sports or music, but for the simple things they enjoy doing! Say for example:
- "Thanks, I really like it when you paint!" and just stop there!  Don't praise the painting he makes, don't rate it by saying how perfect it is. Just smile, caress him and leave, or tell him
- "Peter, I like to see you having fun", when he sees a children's play on TV, or say
- "I came, I like it when you laugh", when a joke is said and the child laughs!
Simple everyday phrases, but they tell the child that you applaud what he does and that you accept it at the same time. Therein lies the secret that will change their behavior. In acceptance or more simply in your approval.
Because that's what's happening at the moment. You tell your child that you "approve" of what he or she is doing, or where he or she is.
So try it on a daily basis, just talk and you will see an impressive change in front of your eyes. The child will become more smiling, happier, will feel free to express himself and the joy you will see on his face will be a great reward for you. And you in turn will feel better and calmer. You do not need to be successful to feel superior to your child. The greatest achievement of a parent today is for his child to look at him and show love in his eyes and smile. This means that the parent honors his role!
So fill in the phrases you want to say each time, using only seven words. It's easy, just say the following to your child:
"I like it when I see you" (playing, running, rejoicing, trying, singing, dancing, eating, etc.) and you will see that things can change when you utter these phrases, looking at it. with love!
happy baby