Emotional fetus!



The magic bond between the fetus and the expectant mother is so important that your little one can be affected by your emotions! So learn how to hang out with him for 9 months without stress!



We all know that emotions can determine our mood, our physical and mental health! But did you know that your emotional world can even affect the fetus that "resides" in your womb? Yes it's true!


The fetus develops a unique bond with its future mother! When mom feels negative, so does the fetus, on the other hand, every time the mother feels happy, if the fetus could, she might jump! Discover the magical, psychic abilities of life that develops in your body and learn to calculate his feelings before you even look him in the eyes!


Bond in the uterus

As the fetus grows in the womb of the pregnant woman, it can and does feel your emotions and thoughts through its own cells! This is due to the two-way flow of emotion between the mother and her little one, through the umbilical cord with the help of hormones. In other words, depending on the mother's feelings, hormones are secreted, such as for joy serotonin is secreted, which is also transferred to the baby. On the other hand, the fetus has memory and stores the messages that its mother sends, her feelings, her beliefs about her life and the world, her goals, etc. More specifically:


- From the eighth week (8th) he has the opportunity to express what he likes and what he doesn't like with kicks, as well as changes in his attitude.


- From the twenty-eighth week (28th) onwards, his perception transforms his reactions into emotions! Your little one is able to feel even if you have positive emotions about him or you have a more negative attitude. Additional researchers have at times argued that the fetus can and does perceive whether its mother wants the opposite sex from what it actually is. This can cause problems in the psychology of the fetus. That's why you have to be careful!


- It is a fact that even stress can affect your little one. However, be aware that transient distress will not have a negative and permanent effect on you, but long-term stress or constant stress during pregnancy can affect it.


- A fetus is affected by the heartbeat, breathing, but also the function of the internal organs of the expectant mother, because they calm it down. So the calmer you are, the more relaxed your body rhythm is, and the more your heart beats. In this way, your little one experiences peace and security in your body!


Love approach!

Knowing the influence you have on the fetus, you can start an "endometrial" bond with your little one, with the best conditions! It is good to make sure you are calm, but also not to stress because you are afraid of being stressed and affecting your baby! This, as you can see, is a vicious circle! You just give it a try! Take time to caress him and talk to him sweetly, conveying all your love to him. It is important for the father to be involved.


If you are anxious, try to calm down by taking deep breaths and making thoughts that relax you completely!


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