Father and son!


father and son

Father and son: an important and special relationship, which shapes the character of the child. But what are its secrets?


The father-son relationship has literally gone through 40 waves in the public consciousness. The role and influence of the male model on the male children of a family is catalytic, although often public opinion leads to dogmatic views on the father-son relationship, such as "if there is no father in the family, the boy does not become a man"! Psychologists, especially child psychologists, point out that the presence and active role of both are equally important in shaping children's personalities. Of course, because of gender, the son is often identified with the father and the daughter with the mother. What are the secrets in the father-son relationship?


Time, the main factor

The big secret to developing a good relationship between dad and son, as with any child, is the active involvement of the father with him. Even the busiest dads need to find quality time to spend with their children, whether it's weekends or other days. During this time they should be fully committed to activities with the child, which will help them both get to know each other in depth and develop relationships of trust. This relationship is built from infancy so that when the teenager arrives, the son feels comfortable addressing his father about the problems that concern him and concern his male identity.


Father, the pilar of the house!

It is logical that the father has identified as the pilar of the house, who is mostly absent, entrusting the upbringing of the children to the mother. Such a permanent absence, however, creates gaps in the emotional development of children, which often "flare up" in a complaint, expressing aggression towards the mother or showing great disobedience. Today's financial demands for starting a family are great, but parents need to think seriously about the time they need to spend with their children if they want to grow in balance and in the best way possible.


Building a strong relationship

There are 4 points for a strong and healthy dad-son relationship:

  • Encourage the boy to learn to solve his problems. This is very important, especially at a very young age, for the father to teach the son how to solve the various problems he faces. Between 4 and 11 years of age, one useful way a father can instill this quality in his son is role-playing. The father, either playing games or reading fairy tales or asking questions, asks the child for his opinion on what he would do in some cases and teaches him how to come up with the best decision to solve problems.

  • Do not try to relive your youth through the child. This is a mistake that many dads and moms make with their children, especially when it comes to business. How many times do we not hear dads already from the maternity hospital proudly shouting that their son will one day become a doctor or a footballer? It is not wrong to want your child to become a successful professional, but to show your own hidden desires. If, for example, a father once became a great athlete and stopped to start a family, it is possible that he will want to subconsciously force his son to follow in his footsteps, despite the fact that even the coach finally points out that the child does not for championship! Support your child's every inclination, whatever your hidden desires!

  • Let the child make mistakes! And by that we mean mistakes that come from ignorance. The lesson becomes a lesson and it is often good for the father to let the son suffer (within reasonable limits) to learn that every action has consequences. This tactic is especially useful in infancy and childhood so that children and especially boys can learn to be responsible.

  • Play with your son! There is no reason to be rude as a father. Allowing your child to spend important moments of relaxation with you is extremely important for their psychosynthesis. So get the child out of you, play ball with your son without fear and roll carefree on the grass!


My dad , my idol !

Have you noticed that young children want to look like their parents? As children, sons tend to idealize their father and believe he can do anything. That is, something like a superhero dad! When the father is missing enough, due to obligations, his idol becomes an object of worship by his son. Thus, boys often imitate their father in order to please him and gain his acceptance. This stage is within the normal framework of the child's emotional development, which copies the parental model. Later, in adolescence, the idol is overthrown and the teenage son develops a strong tendency to question his father and his views.


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