How to easily sleep with your newborn baby!

An old tip comes back to give the baby a sense of security.
They may be welcomed by their parents with great love, but the arrival of babies in our world is especially difficult for them.
Living fully protected, in their mummy's womb for 9 whole months, the babies have experienced complete safety. Mom met all their needs without having to ask for anything. And suddenly there comes a day for them, where the warm world where they lived is a thing of the past!
What can we do to make them feel safe again, until they get used to the new conditions of their lives? Experts such as Dr. Carl Sissor, director of the newborns department at N. Carolina Hospital, are suggesting the old classics.
And perhaps it comes to the memory of many of you, the old grandmother's advice, who wanted babies to be sucked in the first months of their lives.
Fascioma therefore returns and is recommended as a means of resting newborns in the first 6-8 weeks of their life.
In this way, babies are "confined" to a soft space, feeling some "boundaries" defined by a piece of cotton fabric that, while still allowing them to shake their hands and feet, but at the same time keep them "safe" as it reminds them a bit of their environment.
So they sleep easier & don't cry as much as they feel beautiful & protected. And their parents also feel good, as they all want the good of the baby. As babies slowly grow and develop and, depending on their needs and temperament, the fascia becomes lighter and gradually stops.
happy baby