Neonatal epipephicetis


baby smilingNeonatal epipephicetis or eye infection is an infestation in the eyes of babies.


It occurs mainly during the first week of the baby's life, as a result of observing a lot of ticks and sleep in your baby's eyes, while his eyelids will be glued together without being able to open them. With the right treatment and the tips of the pediatrician the problem resolves and your baby will regain "clean" eyes!


The treatment

Τthe first thing you need to do when you see chips in your baby's eyes, like any other symptom that does not seem normal, is to go to the pediatrician. He, in turn, is able to prescribe a special antibiotic eye drop, but also to advise you on the frequency of application or even the additional procedures that can facilitate the treatment.

An excellent doctor who will help treat your baby is to clean the chips from his eyes with chamomile or with saline and sterile gauze, which the doctor will recommend to you at the beginning of a newborn's life. Of course, we do not need to point out that the tools you will use to boil chamomile eg. kettle, briquette, bowl, gauze (pharmacy sterilized), etc., need to be clean and sterile. You can easily sterilize it in a pot of boiling water.
Finally, your hands, two very important tools for your treatment, need to always be clean and sterile, and take care of whatever you do in your little one, not to come into your direct contact with the infected area.


Final solution!

If, despite having faithfully followed the treatment given by your doctor for your baby, you do not see any improvement and your little mom's eye continues and snaps, you will surely have to go back to the doctor, because such a symptom might signal the blockage of the tear duct, that is the pore from where the tears leave and go to the nose. If nothing else happens, then your doctor will probably advise you that the baby performs a small surgical procedure in order to treat it.
This process is happening at about 6 months of age and of course we can point out that it is very rare!


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