The Weaning pill and its effects


weaningWhat is the weaning pill and how it affects the body and the psyche of the mother and baby.


In many cases mothers decide that they want to stop breastfeeding. This decision must be respected by their environment. However, it should be stressed that the use of pharmaceutical formulations to reduce milk production is not recommended in cases where there is no serious medical reason requiring the immediate cessation of lactation.
When using the formulations currently on the market, the potential side effects for the mother are significant and the time that is subsequently needed to remove the drug from the circulation of the mother's body is particularly long & several days.
If a mother thinks of weaning, it is good to look for other methods and practices to do it. Even if, for good reason, it wants to reduce milk production, as in the case of overproduction, the use of a pharmaceutical preparation is not the desirable practice.
If a mother uses a pill and then regrets it, stopping milk production is steep and the emotional reaction of the infant to cessation of breastfeeding is unpredictable.
The process is difficult to reverse and requires significant intervention to achieve.

Advice from pediatrician and nursing counselor

For mothers who do not have a medical reason to stop breastfeeding (mastitis and breast enlargement are not a medical reason for discontinuation or reduction of pharmaceutical production) I advise the following:
"From my experience, the manulas who regret the taking of the pill and are then looking for help to restore milk production, are enough and the problems that are created to reverse the situation are important. The process of reversing requires a lot of effort from the mother and finally because the emotion they will face will often surprise the maneuvers, better avoiding the use of medication to stop or reduce lactation & try in other ways.


Nikolaos Mavrides, Paediatrician - Neonologist, Internationally certified lactation consultant  IBCLC

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