Q&A's about babies

Why does the baby's head smell so beautiful? Why do we talk to them in this "baby" language? And why do they insist, despite the time and attention we dedicate to them every day, first saying the word "dad"?


How to easily sleep with your newborn baby!

The swelling therefore returns and is recommended as a means of resting the newborn, in the first 6-8 weeks of the baby's life, to help them sleep.


Neonatal epipephicetis

Neonatal epipephicetis or eye infection is an infestation in the eyes of babies. It mainly appears in the first week of life of babies, with many ticks and sleep in the baby's eyes while its eyelids are glued together.


Πως να κοιμήσετε εύκολα το νεογέννητο μωρό σας!

Το φάσκιωμα λοιπόν επανέρχεται και συστήνεται ως μέσον ηρεμίας προς τα νεογέννητα, τις  6-8 πρώτες εβδομάδες της ζωής των μωρών για να τα βοηθήσει στον ύπνο.



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